Online Fire Protection Brochure

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A catalogue to inform customers of products that are being sold as well as the information behind each product is obviously important, as is getting the ideal brochure design for the catalogue. Making the brochure design look smart, professional and important was our main focus when coming up with the brochure design. A perfect brochure printing.

Online Fire Protection are a website based company that sell products such as fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and other fire fighting equipment, as well as offering tips and advice on how to fight each type of fire.

We had to get the perfect balance between written content that included the information and the photos, illustrating what each product look like. The layout had to be simple with each page looking similar to ensure a perfect uniform finish.

Our quality in-house print team were able to ensure a class and professional finish on this brochure printing. Saving the client money is another advantage of using our in-house rent department as well as the fast turn around between the artwork being signed off and delivery to the client.

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