Product Brochure Design for Meterix

Meterix were launching their new flagship product – Meter Pay, and so they needed a professional brochure design to take the product to market. At the time of the launch, Meter Pay was a ground breaking product, therefore, the catalogue needed to concisely show all of the processes and features of the new product.

The brochure had two main purposes; these were, to explain what their Smart Meter does, including a brief outline of how it works so that their clients can have a basic understanding of the Smart Meters. The other purpose of the prospectus was showcase the scope of the new Meter Pay.

Meterix are a technology solutions leader within the metering market. They strive to find innovative prepayment solutions for the sub metering energy market, working closely with smart-meter manufacturers to benefit from the latest technology.

Our focus, when designing this brochure was to simplify the language to make it more understandable for a global market. The plan was to make sure that the communication was more visual and not filled with technological jargon, however, this became our marketing challenge.

After imputing all of the information into the catalogue we had to finalise the visual design for it, choosing to go with their corporate branded colours of blue and white.

Our print team carried out the printing for the prospectuses, offering a slick and professional finish. We created a series of icons to incorporate in the catalogue to make it a more visual document, as opposed to a brochure packed with information.

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