Packaging Design For Devon Tea Company

Smart, bold and slick label designs that make your product stand out above the rest is key to attracting customers to purchase your products. As well as looking great on a shelf, the label designs need to represent the brand’s image in the right way; a smart and professional label will positively show the company in the same light. Given the task to design The Devon Tea Company’s labels for their tins, we were able to express the brand as well as create a fantastic label design.

As well as needing to inform potential customers about the teabags inside, finding the right balance between being informative and good looking was vital.

The Devon Tea Company is owned by The Coffee Company, a Devon-based company originally started in 1994 in Torquay, who, after outgrowing their premises in Torquay moved to their current location in Newton Abbot. Not only do The Coffee Company own The Devon Tea Company, but more recently, they have established The Devon Chocolate Company. The Coffee Company specialises in offering one of the most unique range of services that are available in the industry.

Having come up with a variety of concepts for the label design for The Devon Tea Company that best suits each of the flavours of tea bags that they’re offering their customers. With a whole range of colours available matching the flavour that the tin is holding.

During the process of creating the label design we had to create a way to show off all of the essential information such as the flavour of the bags, allergen advice as well as instructions for how to create the perfect brew.

With our smart print production management from our in house department, made it possible to offer a cost effective service for The Devon Tea company.

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