Talking Slides Exhibition Design

When Talking Slides first came to us, they were looking for an exhibition design for their stand back drop and effective marketing flyers for International Confex. Being one of the largest event expos of the year, we knew that we had to come up with unique and exciting ideas to stand out amongst the #eventprofs.

Talking Slides are well-established specialists in conference recording and live streaming, offering conference clients a unique and customisable end product, we simply had to get their branded collateral and website design on par with their service.

We came up with a few different concepts, however, our favourite concept that complimented their personality, and portrayed their confidence, however we knew we had hit gold when we came up with this one.

The plan was to use the flyers as props, a playful face-to-face yet effective social media tool. Meeting contact on and offline using the #letsgettalkingslides hash tag.

Multiple designs with different faces on were created, using various facial hair, lips and tongue expressions were our front facing contact with all the important selling points on the reverse. Our in-house print team digitally printed the flyers, ensuring that multiple print designs didn’t multiply the cost.

Martin and his team fully embraced our concept and they even took the idea much further than we had expected, photographing the flyer in front of clients, statues, the Mona Lisa and even Kung Fu Panda.

With the hand-to-hand literature much more in your face (no pun intended) the exhibition backdrop needed to be branded but with a clear business communication. So when designing their exhibition graphics, we took this into account to ensure that the layout wasn’t over bearing, simple, identifying key features and of course, on brand. The backdrop was printed on a lightweight material, allowing easy transport and installation for the Talking Slides team.

After the event, Talking Slides analysed their social performance at International Confex and they were one of the most influential companies on social media during, an achievement the Talking Slides team and we are very proud of.

You know you have come up with a good design idea when marketing under graduates studying the methods of affective marketing at exhibitions describe your work as the best they have witnessed, not bad at all. Teamwork makes the dream work 🙂

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leaflet design, flyer design, exhibition design, poster design
leaflet design, flyer design, exhibition design, poster design
leaflet design, flyer design, exhibition design, poster design
leaflet design, flyer design, exhibition design, poster design